Samsung Note 10 Plus: Features & performance review

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    Picking a new smartphone feels a lot like trying to find your way through a maze. Each turn presents a new option, and each choice seems to promise something better around the corner. When you stumble upon the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, however, it’s like finding a hidden gem. 

    So, let’s get into a comprehensive review of Samsung Note 10 Plus features & performance, showing how it might just be the device that brings you out of the maze and into smartphone nirvana.

    Core specifications at a glance

    Before we unwind the experience of using the Note 10 Plus, let’s lay out the specs that form its backbone:

    Feature Specification
    Display 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED, 3040×1440
    CPU Snapdragon 855 (US); Exynos 9825 (WW)
    RAM 12GB
    Storage 256GB, 512GB; expandable via microSD
    Rear Cameras 16-MP ultra-wide; 12-MP wide angle; 12-MP telephoto; Time-of-flight VGA
    Front Camera 10-MP
    Battery 4,300 mAh
    Charging 25W standard; 45W optional
    OS Android 9 Pie with Samsung OneUI
    Colors Aura Glow, Aura White, Aura Black, Aura Blue
    Dimensions 6.4 x 3.0 x .31 inches
    Weight 6.9 ounces

    Now let’s look into what these features mean for the everyday user by getting into details.

    Design and display

    The Aura Glow captures the imagination with a spectrum of colors that dance across the back panel. The expansive 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen is a window to breathtaking visuals, offering vibrant colors and stark contrasts. HDR10+ support elevates the viewing experience, ensuring that whenever you’re watching a movie or scrolling through photos, the clarity and depth pull you into the moment.


    At the heart of the Note 10 Plus lies either the Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9825 chipset, complemented by 12GB of RAM. This powerhouse setup ensures that whether you’re multitasking, playing high-end games, or using demanding apps, the Note 10 Plus performs flawlessly. The generous storage options, further expandable via microSD, mean you’ll rarely run out of space for your digital life.

    Camera capabilities

    The Note 10 Plus features a versatile camera system that’s ready for any moment. From the ultra-wide lens capturing vast landscapes to the telephoto lens zooming in on distant details, the Note 10 Plus can handle a wide range of photography angles. While it faces stiff competition, the quality and flexibility of its cameras offer creative possibilities that photographers will appreciate.

    Battery life and charging

    The device’s 4,300 mAh battery ensures that you can get through a day of heavy use without reaching for the charger. And when you do need to recharge, the fast-charging capability means you won’t be waiting for long. This combination of longevity and quick recharge times makes the Note 10 Plus reliable for those who need their phone to keep up with their busy lives.

    Software and usability

    Samsung’s OneUI Android 9 Pie provides a user-friendly experience, further improving the capabilities of the Note 10 Plus. The inclusion of the S Pen with new Air Actions makes tasks like note-taking and navigating presentations simpler and more interactive.

    The final word

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus stands out for its aesthetic appeal, performance, camera, battery life, and intuitive software.  For those who value the combination of form and function, the Note 10 Plus is a feasible choice.




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