4 tips to get your devices ready for the new school year!

Tips for students devices | Majestik

Is your device crawling at a speed even sloths would be envious of? A dog probably didn’t eat your homework, but we believe you when you say that your device did. 

So if you’re struggling to keep up in school because of old, hand-me-down iPads or PC’s, we have some good news for you. It’s time to take back control and give your device the love and attention it truly deserves. With this in mind, we have a few recommendations to get your devices ready for the new school year. 

1.Update your device 

Updating your devices regularly can tackle a host of bugs and performance issues. Gadget updates can resolve many issues, but their most important application is security. Old and outdated software is vulnerable to phishing and cyber attacks, and updates can protect your devices from the latest security threats. 

Every now and then, updates will also bring new features to your gadgets to improve its compatibility with new tools and programs. 

2.Protect your screen

Smartphones and tablets are expensive, and you wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to end up with a scratched or broken screen. Always use a screen protector, preferably one with toughened, hard glass and high scratch resistance. Also consider using a strong, durable case that protects it from dents, scratches, and cracks. 

You can find a range of phone covers and accessories at Majestik for all premium brands including Apple and Samsung. In case the inevitable happens and you do happen to break your device’s screen, there are a few steps you can take

3.Do a digital-cleanup 

Make sure you go through your device’s old digital files and apps and do a thorough clean-up before the start of the school year. Deleting files you no longer need is not only “good cyber hygiene” but also significantly improves battery life. According to former US Chief Information Security Officer Gregory Touhill, “Additionally, if you’re not using an app, it’s not bringing you any joy”, highlighting how certain things can apply to your tech gadgets as well as they do to your closets. 

4.Download productivity apps 

As a college student, productivity is crucial for staying on tasks and maintaining good grades. Remote learning has created some distance between the student and the teacher, and technology is useful in bridging that gap. There are several productivity tools and apps that you can download completely free and use to your advantage. Calendars, e-checklists, and flash card generators are often useful as note-taking tools to excel in classes. 

No matter what the school year has in store for you, we at Majestik are here to ensure your devices run optimally all year long. Our device repair team is well-trained to handle customer concerns, and provides honest, dependable feedback and service that our customers can rely on. We make the best recommendations based on your device and budget requirements. At Majestik, we’re all about reliability, trust, and stellar customer service.


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