What to do when your iPhone gets water damaged

    Water Damage

    We love them. We care for them. We prioritize their safety above our own. 

    Whenever they slip out of our hands… every time we hear that familiar thud as we get up too quickly…our hearts skip a beat. And each fall feels even worse when water is involved. We’re talking about your iPhones, of course (what did you think!) 

    But if you own an iPhone, or any phone for that matter, it will occasionally incur some form of water damage no matter how much you fight it. In case your device takes the dreaded plunge, here are a few steps you can take to save your water-damaged iPhone.

    What not to do

    Before we tell you what to do, it’s absolutely critical that you know what not to do. 

    • Never turn on a wet phone. It’s natural to want to turn on your phone ASAP to assess the damage, but we’d strongly advise against it. Doing so can intensify the water damage or even cause short circuiting as the parts heat up. 
    • Don’t plug it in a charging port. You may think plugging it in the charging port is the right way to get it to turn on, but that’s honestly the worst thing you can do. 
    • Don’t use a hair dryer to dry it out. Hot air is going to worsen the damage by spreading the moisture through the device’s internal parts. And no rice either, please! 

    How to fix a water damaged iPhone

    So what should you do to fix it? Here are a few tips. 

    • Remove the case and turn the iPhone off immediately so there’s no short circuiting or extra damage. 
    • Remove the sim card or tray and wipe them with a clean, dry cloth if they’re trapping moisture. 
    • Wipe your iPhone with a dry cloth. Use a cotton swab to gently wipe out any water from the charging port or headphone jack (if you’re using one of the older models). 
    • Let your phone air dry for a few hours before turning it on. This is the most critical step that will determine your water-damaged iPhone’s life. Make sure you dry it out completely before turning it on. 

    However, even if you take all the right steps, sometimes your water-damaged iPhone is too far gone to be saved this way. When that happens, we’d advise you to take it to an authorized technician and repair service like Majestik where our team of experts can fix most of your iPhone and Android issues in no time. 


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